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We are an upscale Caribbean restaurant combining the best flavors of the islands using plant-based products. 

Stush (adj) Posh; Classy and Stylish

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Stush Restaurant NYC is an upscale Caribbean restaurant driven by a passion for delicious healthy eating for all with an island flair. Built from the ground up, the vision started in December 2019 and after the pandemic it became a reality January 2023. The Stush family takes pride in being able to provide 90% authentic Caribbean plant based dishes as well as 10% non plant based options for brunch and dinner.

Our mission is to share the Caribbean culture through food and show the diverse culinary traditions in a modern, upscale setting. We welcome our guests to enjoy our contemporary Caribbean cuisine, warm hospitality,, and vibrant atmosphere.

We are here to bring fun to plant-based eating. This will be an experience you will feel good about.  Make your reservations today!

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To develop a chain of Caribbean plant-based food restaurants that will excite the taste buds of all vegans and non-vegans alike! 

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To promote and inspire our communities, and to encourage healthy lifestyles for all. 

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